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I am the worst at responding/reciprocating comments, but I really do appreciate getting them. The comments on my last post with the labor/delivery experiences were really interesting - and it's also interesting to me that people on the internet are much less likely to try and scare or horrify pregnant women than people "in real life" are. I've been pretty lucky with the stories that people have shared, but I know many other women have encountered people that seem to want to make them dread their upcoming labor.


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I reached 36 weeks today, officially making me 9 months pregnant and having less than a month to my due date!


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Missed another week of updating. I did end up cutting back to 15 miles the last two weeks. I ran 5 miles for the last time on the 26th. My legs and everything are fine, but the Braxton Hicks are too frequent for me to run that far. I had thought I might try and run 5 this past weekend, but was too uncomfortable. I feel sad in some ways that 4 miles is passing for a long run ... I could go farther if I were willing to do the run/walk thing, but I'd rather just run 4 miles than run+walk for 5 or 6. I either run, or I walk - there is no mixing of the two.

I was updating the training blog, and noticed something interesting. You can filter the entries by tags, so I looked at my monthly reports. I've definitely gone about pregnant running backwards - my highest monthly total was my 8th month. Since I've started cutting back on my mileage, that upward trend will not be continuing onto this month.

I said a couple of weeks ago I was going to play it by ear as far as how long I would keep going. Other than the Braxton Hicks, I'm not too terribly uncomfortable running (yet). With 4.5 weeks to my due date, I'm now really motivated to keep going until I either get told to stop by the midwife or I have the baby. Even if it's just a few days a week or just 2 miles at a time, it seems silly to stop now if I don't have to.