I ran a little today ...

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When I last ran, I looked like this:

Possibly a little bit bigger, since that's my 40 week picture. We should've taken a picture when we checked into the hospital, but I didn't think about it at the time. Two weeks later, I look like this:

I think my belly is a little less round than the picture shows, but I'm not complaining about the state of things. I've already dropped 21 of the 27 pounds I gained, so things are going in the right direction. Of course, I still need to drop 17 from where I am to reach my running weight, but I'm sure as I get back into exercise that will happen.

So I decided to try running today. I had kind of a rough first week, recovery-wise, but after spending most of last weekend in bed resting I started to feel better. I wanted to go outside, since yesterday it was in the 40s and sunny but it was cold and windy this morning so I decided to just treadmill. I have no idea what speed I should be setting the treadmill at right now - I used 0.1 MPH faster than I last used but I think maybe I could've gone faster? That's the other reason I wanted to go outside, to figure out what my current pace is.

Running was weird! On the one hand, I really enjoyed not needing to pee and not having to use Body Glide to prevent my legs rubbing. (Sadly enough, to me at least, I used more Body Glide while pregnant than while training for my 5 marathons combined). But I just felt kind of off-balance and my chest and abs felt weird. So I stopped at 1 mile and walked for a half mile, just because I don't need to push myself too hard right now. I think tomorrow if the weather cooperates, I'll just take Little Miss out for a walk in the stroller and then maybe try treadmilling again on Tuesday. I think both the 15K on May 3 and the 1/2 marathon on May 25 are most likely out of the question. There are some 5Ks in May that would be possible, but I have to be careful not to hurt myself right now - I read yesterday that in some ways, you're more at risk for injury running post-partum than pregnant.

Little Miss's doing really well. She is a pretty easy going baby, not a lot fazes her (I'd worried about doorbells, Molly barking but she doesn't care). She's figured out breastfeeding - she was 7lb 6oz at birth, 7lb 9oz at 1 week and 8lb 3oz at 2 weeks. Babies usually lose some weight after birth so the pediatrician likes to see them regain to their birth weight by 2 weeks - and Little Miss's surpassed that.

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Wow big belly! I was wondering how Molly is taking the new addition.

she's absolutely beautiful, mg! did i say that already? ;)

take it easy and enjoy the non-running time!

Congrats!! Super cute baby girl. And you'll bounce back. Enjoy yourself.

Congratulation on Katie's arrival and on beginning your journey back to running.

So cute! And great job on getting out for a run already...I think you'd be up for training for TCM!! ;)

You are my idol...I have said that right? In case I ever opt to have one!! I want to be JUST LIKE YOU!!

Your baby is so cute! Great that you are already getting some runs in!