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Ugh spam

I've gotten hit by spammers this morning, so I just spent an hour closing old entries and deleting junk comments. Some of the "comments" the spammers leave crack me up, especially the "your blog sucks" variety. Do people really click on their links?

Overall, not a bad week here. Little Miss had a few fussy days but we're trying some new things and she seems to be doing better. After two sleepless/interrupted sleep nights, she's sleeping for decent-length stretches at night. And she's now up to 8lb 9oz so she's growing like a weed. She's now almost as big as the Engineer was at birth, but she still has 11oz to go to match my birth weight.

Running is coming along:
Tuesday: treadmill
1.5 miles | 15:57 | 10:38/mi.
walk CD | 0.25 miles | 4:10

Thursday: treadmill
2 miles | 20:10 | 10:05/mi.
walk CD | 0.25 miles | 4:10

treadmill walk | hill level 4 (3-7%) | 1.24 miles | 20:00

Saturday: 48°F | felt like 42°F | From SW 16mph
1 | 10:33
2 | 10:39 | 21:13
3 | 10:39 | 31:52
3.01 miles | 32:00 | 10:38/mi.
walk CD | 0.34 miles | 5:46

1 | 9:51
2 | 9:47 | 19:38
3 | 9:27 | 29:05
3.04 miles | 29:30 | 9:42/mi.
walk CD | 0.41 miles | 6:22

Today's run was great. I can tell my abs are in some dire need of strengthening, but it's gotten better as the week has gone on. I have started doing some crunches and pushups - I am definitely going to need arm strength to carry Little Miss around. But I felt a little bit more like myself and am thinking maybe I'll be up for racing sometime. I still think the 15K is out, but maybe the half-marathon might be possible. My big mission for the week, though, is to figure out my pump and to get Little Miss to take a bottle - I'll never be able to do any long runs or run outside my boring neighborhood if I don't accomplish those things first.


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if this happens in the future, just holler. i'm locking things down right now and cleaning it up a bit. i'm going to upgrade the platform next weekend, too, so that should help some.

Have I ever told you you're my hero?? :) You are kicking butt...just giving birth and all...you rock!! And you have an adorable new runner you're bringing up!!

I don't think it's so much that people click on the links as search engines picking up the text. The search engines see "Cheap Vi@gra" that is associated with a particular link and so when someone types in that term in the search engine, they will get that site as a result.