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Little Miss's New Ride

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On Tuesday, I got a call from REI that my BOB was in, 2 days early. I also got an e-mail notification, but it was only for the stroller and not the handlebar console I'd also ordered. I decided to take a chance and drive the hour to pick it up yesterday. I lucked out and they were unloading the console when I arrived. The BOB box was pretty huge:

How to Hug a Baby

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My boss sent this to me and I thought it was funny:

Happy Mother's Day

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I celebrated my first Mother's Day by being a big ol' slacker. Little Miss and I slept past 9, and by the time I'd fed her and was ready to run it was almost 11:30. While it was sunny, it was chilly and windy (almost 40 MPH gusts) so I was going to treadmill. But I really didn't feel like getting back on the treadmill, and I did feel pretty tired running yesterday so I decided to take a day off. I can run tomorrow. I was thinking I needed a cut back week anyway.

Yesterday I ran 6 miles, for the first time since Jan 12 when I was 32 weeks pregnant. While I was feeling kind of tired, it was a lot more enjoyable than last time. Yesterday I ran 6.01 in 57 minutes (9:29/mi), almost 4 months ago it took 70:23 to run 6.03 (11:40). The weather was a lot better yesterday, too!

New gear coming soon ...

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I bit the bullet and next week I'll be the owner of this:

REI has BOB's 20% off, so I ordered myself the Ironman stroller. I went through for a 3% cashback, and I'm going to pick the stroller up at the store to avoid shipping charges. I had hoped I might be able to get it this weekend, but I've been given a tentative 5/15 pick-up. It'll be nice to do something other than treadmill during the week; I hope Little Miss tolerates it.

Sunny Days

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We might finally be getting some spring weather here! Saturday was crappy, but Sunday turned out to be a really nice day and today it got up to 70! I went outside to run yesterday, and other than the wind it was a pretty good run:

58-62 degrees | From SW at 22 mph gusting to 28-30 mph
1 | 9:04
2 | 8:51 | 17:56
3 | 9:05 | 27:01
4 | 9:25 | 36:27
5 | 9:08 | 45:36
5.05 miles | 46:00 | 9:07/mi.
walk CD | 0.31 miles | 4:55


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I'm getting back on track with running, although it's a little more challenging to get my runs in during the week. On the weekends, Little Miss can hang out with the Engineer, but unless I want to wait for him to come home from work I have to try and fit my runs during the week in while she naps. I got in almost 18 miles last week, and am hoping to run 18-19 this week, hopefully with a 5 mile "long run."