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I'm getting back on track with running, although it's a little more challenging to get my runs in during the week. On the weekends, Little Miss can hang out with the Engineer, but unless I want to wait for him to come home from work I have to try and fit my runs during the week in while she naps. I got in almost 18 miles last week, and am hoping to run 18-19 this week, hopefully with a 5 mile "long run."

I'm trying to decide if I want to buy a jogging stroller. I took Little Miss up to the Twin Cities on Monday (an 8 hour trip! Most of our jaunts around town are no longer than 90 minutes) and got to test out the BOB Revolution and the BOB Ironman at REI. (Because as is per usual, I cannot look at something I want here in town, I have to drive 70+ miles). I really wanted to look at the Baby Jogger, but REI only had a bike trailer and USA Baby only had the City Mini model, which isn't really a running stroller. The big debate with choosing a stroller is whether to get a fixed wheel or a swivel wheel. You need a fixed front wheel for actual running, but people like the Revolution because you can lock the swivel when you run but then have the flexibility of the swivel for taking it on walks or around town. (On a side note, I really hate trying to find information on running strollers online - something like 95% of the reviews are people talking about taking them to the mall, the grocery store or the park. It's a running stroller, I want to hear about how it works for running!) Testing the strollers out, I was able to determine that the fixed wheel wasn't so bad, and since I might not always be on perfectly flat pavement (and again, I want to run with the stupid thing, I have a stroller for the mall/walking), I think that's the route I need to go. So I'd probably go with the Ironman, even though I HATE that it has the IM logo since I will never ever be an Ironman and I know people get funny about non-Ironman people with IM-branded stuff, because it's less expensive than the Baby Jogger and I know of coupon codes to get it even cheaper. BUT it's still going to be around $300 and that's a lot of money - especially since I don't even know how often I'll want to use it. I don't see myself wanting to run with it on weekends when Little Miss can have "Daddy time" and that's when I'd be racing or doing long runs anyway (non-stroller runs, in other words). It'd be great to have now to run in the mornings with Little Miss while we are having semi-decent weather (although I have at least a few weeks before she can go in the stroller for runs). But if I'm back at work, I'm not sure when I'll get in my runs and if they'd be during times that I could take Little Miss along. If I'm going to spend $300 on something, it needs to be something that will get a lot of use. So I have to figure this out.

Little Miss and I toured a day care center yesterday and got put on the wait list for next month. I still have 5 weeks of maternity leave left, and am conflicted about going back to work. On the one hand, I like my job and co-workers and miss interacting with other adults. I think I would miss contributing financially, even if most of my salary would go to day care. I think it'd be good for Little Miss to spend time with other kids and adults. But on the other hand, the Engineer has been back at work since she was 2 weeks and he has said he feels like he barely sees her during the week. Part of that is he works longer hours than me, but that's when I start trying to figure out when I'd see her and how I'll fit running in. If I were to get up early (like 4 or 5) I could run before work, and then I'd have 4:15-bedtime with her. But I don't want to go to bed at 8, and I'm not sure if there'd be enough time in the morning to get in a mid-distance run, shower/dress, feed Little Miss and get her dressed. But that's probably the option I'd have to go with, since if I run after work I wouldn't pick her up until 5 or 6 and then we'd only have an hour or two before bedtime. (Sometimes I'd be able to take her with me in the stroller if we get one, but July-September, it'd be way too hot, and June is a little questionable for weather).

Twin Cities was 75% full as of Monday. I kind of want to run it, but I'm not feeling able to commit to a marathon at the moment. Especially not one that costs close to $100 and that I've already been burned on twice. I think an 18 week training program would start the beginning of next month, and I won't be ready to start Pfitz and don't want to do Higdon. I could do Pfitz's 12 week program to buy myself some time, though. Or I could try to modify Higdon's plan. But without knowing how going back to work and all that is going to work, its hard to predict how I'd be able to add in marathon training. So I think TCM is out and I'll have to settle for just spectating. It looks like Des Moines, which is 2 weeks later than TCM, allows for race weekend registration so that could be an option. Logistically, the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee would be a lot easier than Des Moines, but it's the same day as TCM and it's approaching 50% full already.

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i bought a baby jogger ( for thunderclap at about $225? i've taken him in it on runs as long as 8mi and i love it. it is JUST a jog stroller, with no bells or whistles. it's rigid for stability and lightweight enough that you get used to the weight easily.

i had him in it by the 3rd month and have been using it ever since. he's comfortable enough in it that he can sleep, but big bumps will jar him awake. the seat doesn't recline, though, so he's forced to sit up. since he can sleep at that angle, it's not that big of a deal.

the fixed front wheel makes turning a little tricky, but i got used to leaning one way or the other on the push bar to make it turn slightly or pop the front wheel in the air to make sharper turns.

the one handle grab and fold is AWESOME for easy in and out of the car.

now that tc is almost a year, his regular stroller was getting to be too small, so we needed to picked up another 'regular' stroller. it turned out that we picked another jog type stroller with a swivel front wheel (option to lock it in place, too). it was the baby trends expedition ( smsmh has run with him in that a couple times and really likes that the seat can recline, that the canopy can rotate all the way to the front (in case of sun directly in his eyes or headwind) and the maneuverability with the front wheel. i haven't run hard with it yet, but i'd guess that it would run smooth, even though it's heavier than the babyjogger. the new one was priced at $129 at baby's r us.

hope this helps. i know the reviews usually suck because people REALLY running are not posting comments.

Oh I wish you could be there to do Twin Cities...

I'd go with the jogging stroller. Having the option to take her with you might make you feel better about it. Is there an option of working part time and having her in daycare part time? Or Even part time working from home for more time with her?