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Happy Mother's Day

I celebrated my first Mother's Day by being a big ol' slacker. Little Miss and I slept past 9, and by the time I'd fed her and was ready to run it was almost 11:30. While it was sunny, it was chilly and windy (almost 40 MPH gusts) so I was going to treadmill. But I really didn't feel like getting back on the treadmill, and I did feel pretty tired running yesterday so I decided to take a day off. I can run tomorrow. I was thinking I needed a cut back week anyway.

Yesterday I ran 6 miles, for the first time since Jan 12 when I was 32 weeks pregnant. While I was feeling kind of tired, it was a lot more enjoyable than last time. Yesterday I ran 6.01 in 57 minutes (9:29/mi), almost 4 months ago it took 70:23 to run 6.03 (11:40). The weather was a lot better yesterday, too!

Since I last posted, we were notified that a daycare space has opened up for Katie next month so I will be going back to work in 4 weeks. I'm still not 100% confident in that decision, but I want to give it a try and see if we can make it work. I think it will be really good for both Katie and me to interact with people our age.

I'm trying to decide when to go and get my BOB. Since I have to drive 80 miles to get it, it would probably be easiest to go on a day I don't run so that we can get on the road earlier. It's supposed to come in on Thursday, but Katie's 2 month peds appointment is that afternoon. (She's due for her first shots, so it won't be a super fun appointment). In theory, I could probably get up to REI and back before the appointment, but we would have to get out the door pretty quickly in the morning. So maybe Friday, and then we could test it out with a walk and maybe try running on Saturday.

Katie's getting really good at lifting her head up. We did some tummy time earlier, and she held it up for a pretty long time. I took pictures, but my laptop is still stupid and won't read the SD card. The Engineer wants to reinstall Vista, which would probably fix that issue and that it also won't read CDs, but backing everything up is such a pain.


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wow. two months already? wow. the shots aren't as bad as everyone makes out.

happy mother's day, mg!

That's awesome on the runs. You'll be back to speedy paces before you know it.

One of my friends has an 8 month old that HATES tummy time...she rolls from her tummy right to her back quick as she can...so she's not crawling yet.