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New gear coming soon ...

I bit the bullet and next week I'll be the owner of this:

REI has BOB's 20% off, so I ordered myself the Ironman stroller. I went through ebates.com for a 3% cashback, and I'm going to pick the stroller up at the store to avoid shipping charges. I had hoped I might be able to get it this weekend, but I've been given a tentative 5/15 pick-up. It'll be nice to do something other than treadmill during the week; I hope Little Miss tolerates it.

When I posted pictures the other day, I forgot to post and write about my belly/weight progress. As of last week's weigh-in, I have 2 pounds of pregnancy weight left to lose. Then I'll just need to lose about 12 to get to racing weight - but I should be approaching 25 mpw by the end of this month and that seems to be around what I need to be running for my weight to drop back into the teens. Of course, it might not be that simple but I prefer to look on the bright side of things. I haven't had to work particularly hard to lose what I've already lost, after all.

So here's a composite showing my 2 week PP (postpartum) belly versus my 7 week PP belly. It's getting better, although I swear it looks less round in person. The jelly belly is tightening up, although what's really weird is that I seem puffier/more jell-o like above my belly button instead of below, which is my usual problem area.

Still have work to be done, though - here's what I looked like at 4 weeks pregnant:

What's funny (to me) is that because of the weight I gained trying to get pregnant, I was so unhappy with the state of my body then but now I think it looked pretty good. Something that surprises me about my post-pregnant body is that I'm not really that bothered by the jiggly belly or that I'm not yet wearing my pre-pregnancy pants. While pre-pregnant me would probably by unhappy by the state of things, I'm overall pretty pleased by what I see. How can I not be proud of a body that grew another human being?

Doesn't mean I don't want to get back to looking more like this (taken the morning of the '06 Chicago Marathon while watching the weather reports), though:


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OK, you've had a baby and I think your tummy is flatter...I wish I could get mine to look like your 2006 pic though!!

Congrats on the new purchase. What day are you coming to get it? Maybe we could get a coffee or something?? Guessing you'll have Katie with and I'd love to see her!!

hope the new ride works out well for your little one. i'm sure it will. the fixed wheel setup is really the best for running.

think about your body like this; the softer, more squishy it is, the better a cushion it is when you're holding your daughter. i'm sure she likes the feeling better than she would rock hard abs! ;)