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Sunny Days

We might finally be getting some spring weather here! Saturday was crappy, but Sunday turned out to be a really nice day and today it got up to 70! I went outside to run yesterday, and other than the wind it was a pretty good run:

58-62 degrees | From SW at 22 mph gusting to 28-30 mph
1 | 9:04
2 | 8:51 | 17:56
3 | 9:05 | 27:01
4 | 9:25 | 36:27
5 | 9:08 | 45:36
5.05 miles | 46:00 | 9:07/mi.
walk CD | 0.31 miles | 4:55

Mile 4 was pretty windy so that sucked, but the other miles weren't so bad. It's encouraging to be running closer to 9 min miles again. I ended the week at 19.5 miles; I think I'm going to continue working my mileage up to 25 mpw this month and then next month start adding in some strides and tempos or something. I had hoped to maybe be able to run this month's half-marathon but that's not possible. I'm not sure when I'll be racing next - the track club website seems to be down about 90% of the time lately and it's the only accurate local race calendar. I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to run the All Comers Mile next month, but I do know I'll at least be racing in July with the Women's Race (4 miles) and I will probably shoot for the half-marathon in August.

I realized it's probably better for me not to be committed to a fall marathon this year anyway. Little Miss is an EBF baby (exclusively breastfed) and I have a goal of not introducing solids to her until she is at least 6 months - which would be September. I'm not sure how my supply is going to be affecting by returning to work, and something tells me adding marathon training into the mix might be a bad idea. It's very important to me that we make it to the AAP-recommended 1 year and that has to take precedence over my running goals. I'm hoping I will be able to mix the two, but I need to do so without having committed money to a race looming over me.

Her bib says "Insomnia - One who is unable to sleep through the night"

It is so hard to get a picture when she's making happy faces

The Engineer calls this one "Little Miss hates Vista, too"


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cute. i like the bib heh.

Great bib...I need that!! I swear I can't sleep straight through!! I hate vista too!! She's so cute...I definitely think she looks like mommy. Not having seen daddy for that compare, but I see mommy in her.