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I am so glad I listened to reason and did not enter the Twin Cities Marathon; this would've been week 1 of an 18 week training program and there is just no way I'm ready for that. I might enter the lottery for the 10 mile race because I think that might be possible, but a fall marathon is pretty much out of the question for this year.

I've managed to get up to 20 mpw; I would've hit 21 this week but I'm pretty sure I am taking today off. Details on my training are located here. I'm up to 6 miles for my "long" run, but am not feeling like I can really add onto that, I feel kind of wiped by the end. In what I'm sure is a familiar feeling to anyone that has had some downtime, when out running like that it's amazing for me to think that two years ago I ran a 20:40 5K, a 1:36 1/2 marathon and a 3:36 marathon. It seems impossible sometimes to think of ever being able to run that fast again, but I know it's not - 2 years ago I started running again after a few months off and it seemed pretty bleak at first but things turned around after awhile and then that summer was amazing. So I'm really not worried, but it does get frustrating sometimes.

Little Miss and I had been doing about 14 mpw with BOB. I've had some pretty good runs with it, and what's weird is that I think I run faster with BOB than without. I had a fantastic run on Tuesday. I was kind of dreading going running because it was on the windy side. But I ended up with my fastest run since May 2007:
1 | 8:52
2 | 8:57 | 17:49
3 | 8:48 | 26:37
4 | 8:40 | 35:18
4.08 miles | 36:00 | 8:49/mi.

I felt amazing afterwards ... running sub-9s again WITH a stroller, even uphill and into the wind. I didn't even feel like I was running that fast.

But things are changing here again.

Little Miss started daycare on Thursday, and I went into work on Friday for a few hours. Tomorrow, I go to work full-time and she'll be at daycare all day. I am having trouble figuring out where running is going to go. I will be working from 8-4:30; my lunch hour will be spent with Little Miss. She had started sleeping through the night, so I thought I'd figured out that if I got up early I could run, shower, dress and eat before she woke up for the day. But the last two nights she's woken after 7 hours, which throws a wrench into my tentative plan. I think I'm maybe going to not run this week - I'm feeling really tired and headachy (which is why I'm skipping out on my run today) and I think maybe I should just try getting a handle on going to work and then try and fit running in. I'm not used to having to be somewhere each day at a specific time (much less a specific time in the morning) so that's going to be an adjustment enough!

Little Miss is 12 weeks - it's gone by so fast. She's a very happy, easy-going baby. She has started to occasionally laugh this past week and I just love that. I keep trying to figure out how to make her laugh again because it's so adorable.

She's holding her head up pretty well:

And she found her fingers this week:

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Kids add so much to our life and sometimes at the same time take quite a bit of adjustment to our running. Even after 8 years with 2 kids, I am still trying to find my groove and catch up on my sleep. I hope your runs continue to get easier and you feel more and more rested.


Wow...12 weeks ago you gave birth and you're running sub 9s with a stroller. You rock!! I wish I could give you my entry for the 10 mile. I won the lottery during the 1 mile for it but I'm doing the full so no 10 for me, but it's non transferable too. Which sucks.