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I feel awesome this morning:
1 | 8:47
2 | 8:45 | 17:32
3 | 8:44 | 26:17
4 | 9:02 | 35:20 (all uphill)
5 | 9:01 | 44:22
6 | 8:57 | 53:19
7 | 9:11 | 62:31 (overpass + starting to get tired)
8 | 9:07 | 71:38
9 | 9:09 | 80:48
10 | 8:52 | 89:40
10.03 miles with Little Miss/BOB | 90:00 | 8:58/mi.

Not bad for pushing a 14lb 15oz 5-month old!

What a Week

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I am so glad this week is over.

On a roll

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Had a pretty decent run this morning, with some being run below 9 mpm. I think I probably could've done the whole run under 9, but I had Molly with me. Molly is ridiculous sometimes. She gets super excited when she hears the Garmin turn on (even if I'm just turning it on to download my runs or to look at splits). She knows my running clothes - if I dare go out the front door in my running clothes without her in the morning, she barks and wakes up the Engineer. When I first got my BOB, Molly howled and cried and whined that I was not only going running without her, but I was taking Little Miss. We'd be outside, either getting settled in the stroller or just getting back from running, and we could hear the sad pup.

Two in a row?

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First, I have managed to screw up my blog template so things look really weird here. I guess that's what happens when you just start messing around with things without first figuring out what they are and how they work. Good thing I was at least smart enough to backup my template so I can reverse my changes if I can't make them work.

Great Run

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Jeff's updating BTT this weekend and advised us not to post until the update is complete, so I'm temporarily posting here (ETA: on blogspot). I had such a good run this morning and wanted to write about it while it's still semi-fresh instead of waiting and then forgetting. That's one reason I rarely blog anymore, I'm too busy when stuff's fresh and then when I have time I can't remember what I would've written about.