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Great Run

Jeff's updating BTT this weekend and advised us not to post until the update is complete, so I'm temporarily posting here (ETA: on blogspot). I had such a good run this morning and wanted to write about it while it's still semi-fresh instead of waiting and then forgetting. That's one reason I rarely blog anymore, I'm too busy when stuff's fresh and then when I have time I can't remember what I would've written about.

I am so bored with running around my neighborhood. The last time, other than trips to the parents or in-laws, that I started my run from anywhere other than my house was in November (the time-prediction race and my Ryan Shay run) and before that it was last July. So yeah, running around here has gotten really old. I struck a deal with the Engineer that I would get up early to go run on the bike paths. I'd leave a bottle for Little Miss, and he'd get up with her and take care of feeding her while I was out. I was really curious to see if part of the reason my longer runs have been kind of crappy is because I both pump and nurse before running, so this way I'd only have pumped.

I woke up around 6:15; I didn't intend to wake up that early but I was hungry so I went ahead and had breakfast and pumped. Little Miss went to bed between 8:30-9 the night before, so based on previous weekends I didn't expect her up until 8:30-9AM. But I peeked in at her around 6:30 and her eyes were open. I gave her a pacifier and she did seem to go back to sleep ... but when I looked in at her awhile later she was back awake. Now, she wasn't being fussy at all so I could've just continued getting ready and let her wake up the Engineer when she did get hungry. But I would've felt like a total dick leaving an awake baby alone in her crib. So I got her up for the day and decided if the Engineer was still sleeping after Little Miss nursed, I'd just take her with me (running from the house). As much as I wanted to run somewhere else, by myself, his needing to sleep trumped that.

So Little Miss, BOB and I went for a run. I initially thought maybe I'd just do my 4 mile run and try the bike paths/longer run tomorrow. But Little Miss was being content in the stroller and I felt okay so I decided to just get the longer run out of the way. And as said above, it turned into a great run. Here's the proof:

1 | 9:03
2 | 9:10 | 18:13
3 | 8:58 | 27:12
4 | 8:57 | 36:10
5 | 8:57 | 45:07
6 | 8:54 | 54:01
7 | 9:01 | 63:03
7.22 miles | 1:05:00 | 9:00/mi.

Most people smiled at me and/or looked like they were trying to get a peek of Little Miss. I did have one woman that gave me kind of an odd look, though. I don't have any idea what that was about. The absolute best part of my run was probably just after 3 miles when I had to run up an overpass. Not only did I catch up to a guy, but I passed him. Normally that'd be no big deal, but passing someone up a hill with a stroller felt kind of badass. I did fade a little towards the end, but nowhere near as bad as most of my runs lately.

Today's run was just kind of what I needed to feel a bit better about my running. Maybe I need to run with the stroller more often.


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hey you are one of those people with the stroller things that i can't catch around the lakes! heh. you / they make me realize there is more work left to be done. thanks for the acura tips! i just need to see if they can get my color choice by aug 20 so we'll see how that goes.

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