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Two in a row?

First, I have managed to screw up my blog template so things look really weird here. I guess that's what happens when you just start messing around with things without first figuring out what they are and how they work. Good thing I was at least smart enough to backup my template so I can reverse my changes if I can't make them work.

I had another good run this morning, but this time it was by myself. I was prepared to take Little Miss with me until I saw how windy it was outside. She's not a big fan of big gusty winds so I left her with the Engineer. Since I was staying mostly within the neighborhood I broke one of my rules and ran with my headphones. I am pretty firmly on the "headphones are for inside only" side of things, but every once in awhile it's nice to have a little music outside.

1 | 8:27
2 | 8:29 | 16:56
3 | 8:37 | 25:34
4 | 8:35 | 34:09
4.10 miles | 34:00 | 8:32/mi.

I did feel like I was making more of an effort than most of my 5:30AM runs, but not that it was necessarily a much harder effort (or that it was an entire minute faster). So I am fairly pleased with being able to have a good run the day after a pretty decent 7-miler.

I did have a lot on my mind, though. Long-time readers might remember that the Engineer has PSVT, Basically he has a defective pathway in his heart and occasionally something will happen to trip it up and cause his heart to beat really fast. Sometimes people like to tell him that they have a racing heart, too. It irritates him because when it happens to him, it's really fast - in high school it was measured around 290-300 beats/minute. Over the last few years, it's mainly just been a problem with broomball,
but when you're talking about sprinting across ice when it's -20F it's not that surprising. However, he's had a few problems this summer with softball, with one episode involving us going to the ER because his vision started fading. And long story short, this Friday he's going in to have an electrical physiology study done, and if they can identify the malfunctioning pathway they will ablate (burn/destroy) it. The success rate is pretty good, but it's still a little nerve wracking. If anyone wants to send good thoughts in our direction on Friday, we'd appreciate it.


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good job with the run. You're slowing making your way back. That's interesting what your hubby has as it sound very similar to the symptoms I sometimes have with my HR when I run, though I've never gotten dizzy or had my vision fade (touch wood). I hope that they are able to find the problem and fix it. I'd be interesting in hearing what the results are.

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