What a Week

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I am so glad this week is over.

The Engineer went in for his Electrical Physiological study (the EP) on Friday. We were both really anxious and nervous about it all week. Worry that something would go wrong with the procedure, worry that they wouldn't be able to trigger the tachycardia, worry that the pathway would be in a position that they wouldn't be able to do anything ... But long story short, the EP was long but they were able to trigger the tachycardia and it was in a position that they could do the ablatation. I think the worst part of the whole thing for him was having to basically be flat on his back without moving for something like 12 hours. He had to stay overnight but is home now and feeling pretty good. I am so relieved to not only have this over, but that I won't have to worry about him playing broomball or doing anything physical anymore.

His nurses were all really nice, and the other medical staff was pretty decent with one exception. There were two different people that came out to talk to us during the procedures - and they both addressed his parents instead of me. I even introduced myself to the surgeon as his wife (after he'd told the surgeon that his wife was waiting) and he still addressed the parents. That was pretty annoying.

The other exciting event of the week? Thursday morning, I'm out running by myself since Molly had her playmate in town. I'm just running along, minding my own business when I hear a rustle in the bushes. I look over, expecting to see a rabbit or something. Uh, no. It's a skunk! And it's running towards me. I start running faster, and I see the skunk kind of turn maybe like it's going to spray. So I started just hauling ass to get away from there. I don't know if it did spray; I picked a different route home just in case.

I think I've possibly turned a corner with my running. With the exception of Wednesday's run (9:04), the average paces for all my runs this week were below 9 min/mile. I even ran 9 miles today, averaging 8:59, and I didn't feel too bad. I have to keep myself in check, though - today's run was decent enough that I caught myself thinking that maybe I could run the local half-marathon in 2 weeks. But even though I feel good about the pace I ran today, I know I'd be mad after the 1/2 if I did the same. It seems today like I'd be okay with a 9:00 average for a 1/2, but I'd feel disappointed in myself for not being able to go faster. I could run the 5K, though. So that's something to think about.

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