So much for that long run

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I will not be going for a run today.

I had planned on running 10 or so miles this morning, but I'm too tired to even go out for 3-4 miles.

We had a fun night last night. A few weeks ago Little Miss developed this yucky cough that was mainly bad at night, but over the last week it seemed like it had gone away. Last night I had trouble getting her to go to bed; she'd fall asleep but then wake up (ready to play) if I put her in her crib. I finally got her to sleep in her crib, and then the cough came back - but it sounded really awful. It was barky and would sound like she was gasping/struggling to catch her breath at the end. I'd start to fall asleep, then she'd cough and I would have to go check on her to find she was still sleeping and seemed okay ... lather, rinse, repeat for an hour. I brought her into our room so that I could stop getting up, and we noticed that her breathing was kind of labored. So we called peds on-call, and were told to bring her in to the ER. The resident said it was croup and was leaning towards not doing anything since she was breathing better, but the attending (?) wanted to do some steroids to help her out. That was kind of a pain - they didn't want to do a shot, so they asked if she had a favorite pudding or jello that they could crush the pill into. I didn't think 7.5 month olds ate either of those things, but she doesn't like food yet so it's moot. (I got the feeling they thought we were big weirdos for her still being basically exclusively breastfed). So they got it in liquid form and tried to get her to take it from a syringe. Little Miss wasn't a fan. She managed to fall asleep after we got home, but I slept terrible because she kept coughing. I think I maybe slept 2-3 hours total? I don't know, but I don't really feel like running today.

Little Miss is being her usual sunshiney self, so that's what matters.

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