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is this thing on?

This is the longest I've been silent on my blog and probably not coincidentally, 2009 has been the worst year in my post-college running "career."

I present some numbers:
Jan: 73.13 miles (8 months pregnant)
Feb: 58.50 miles (9 months pregnant)
Mar: 25 miles (gave birth middle of the month, took 2 wks off)
Apr: 60.33 miles
May: 86.53 miles
Jun: 60.75 miles
Jul: 87.44 miles
Aug: 113.43 miles
Sep: 76.84 miles
Oct: 104.88 miles
Nov: 69.23 miles

Jan: 22.76 miles
Feb: 3.51 miles
Mar: 11.30 miles
Apr: 18.09 miles
May: 36.58 miles
Jun: 24.38 miles
Jul: 37.42 miles
Aug: 24.24
Sep: 45.89 miles MTD

That's really fucking depressing to look at.

When I last blogged, running was going okay. I mentioned a hip issue after running a 10K in September, and in November it started getting worse. I ran 8 miles right after Thanksgiving, and it was really aggravating me. I remember that it was really bad when I would run downhill, and felt like my leg was trying to break free from my body. So I decided to take a week off and see if that would help things out.

But then right as I was about to pick back up, Little Miss got sick and then I got sick. So I ended up not running at all for December. I picked back up a little in January, but just as I would start getting on track someone would get sick and I end up with long stretches of not running. That basically sums up my entire winter and spring. I think we had H1N1 in June, which was tons of fun. But I got past that and started back up again and was making decent progress through July. I was all set to maintain my streak at the Women's Race, even though I knew it was going to be slow and embarrassing, but then I woke up the day before with horrific vertigo and a stomach bug. I actually stayed home from work and I almost never do that. The vertigo stuck around for a couple of days which was terrible. So then I fell off the wagon again for a month.

Last month, I decided enough was enough and forced myself into running 5 days a week. I just finished week 4 of that, and it's going OK. One of the biggest things that helped is that I changed my work hours from 8-4:30 to 7:30-4 so I can run after work. My biggest problem has been waking up early enough to run; most days I couldn't get up in time so then I would just end up not running. Running after work is working out much, much better for me. I either take Little Miss with me in the BOB, the Engineer picks her up on his way home, or I go get her after running. I feel guilty making her stay at daycare so I can run, but this way she's getting picked up at the same time when I worked until 4:30 so I don't feel so bad about it.

I've also been doing the 200 situps and 100 pushups programs. I'm doing girl style pushups, not real ones, and the situps are actually crunches. The crunches program isn't too bad but the pushups one is really hard. They also have a squat program that I might pick up at some point.

I am really getting the marathon itch ... one of my co-workers ran his first in May and another is running his first in December. The May marathoner also just registered for 2010 Ironman Wisconsin. I'm kind of regretting letting myself get so out of shape that a late fall/early winter marathon is completely out of the question. The next marathon window I see is probably Med-City next May, but I hate Memorial Day weekend marathons and that's a long way off. The Engineer would probably be on board with it, though, since it would mean he would be much closer to getting his way of having kids spaced 4 years apart.

Anyone still out there?

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