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Wed = Intervals

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treadmill | 3 miles | 29:57 | AHR 147 | 66% PE

Ran inside so I could watch TV.

Slosh Slosh

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That's the noise my stomach made for most of my run this morning. I'm not sure what that's about, but it was annoying. So was being hungry when done and having to drive back from the lake. Other than those things, it was an okay run. I wore my HRM, but pretty much disregarded the heart rate readings. The pace felt comfortable, and I even picked it up at the end.

Tempo run

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Thursday, I ran 3 miles after work. I had thought about going over to the lake/river bike paths, but ended up just running around the house. Nothing too special.

I did a 40 minute tempo run this morning. I took too long to get going, so I ended up running around here again. The problem with that is that I had to deal with hills on the return portion of my run. It was an okay run, I guess. One thing that annoys me about my watch is that after you store the run, the distance shown is only to 1 decimal point. I can't figure out how to change that to 2 points ... 1 point is kind of crappy.

Thursday: 65 degrees | 15 MPH
3.09 miles | 29:19 | 9:29/mi.

Saturday: 54 degrees | 9 MPH

10:00 | AHR 153
20:00 | AHR 182
10:00 | AHR 172
tempo run | 40:00 | 4.46 miles | AHR 173


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Yesterday, I only ran 3 miles on my treadmill. I would've gone outside, but it has been rainy all day which dropped the temperature back into the 40s (30 with windchill). Unrelated, but I saw my first crayfish yesterday. I was walking into work, and one of the guys coming in at the same time pointed at something on the sidewalk. I initially thought it was a giant spider, and then thought maybe someone had let loose some lobsters?? I was told it was a crayfish/crawdad, though. My work is right along a creek, and apparently all the rain brought out the crayfish. Well anyway, I had thought about running 4-5 miles, but I ate too much at the lunch pizza buffet so I decided 3 miles was going to be good enough.

Today I learned something interesting. I was talking about running with one of the engineers at work, and I found out he runs for my shoe store's running team. I knew that meant he had to be fast, as you have to be able to run certain times to be on the team. He had told me about a 10K that he ran last year (this huge gigantic one in the Twin Cities), so I looked up the results. Wow! He ran sub-32 last year, so I'm pretty damn impressed. Oh, I also found out the team members get a 50% discount at the store; if only I were speedier.

So I've decided I need to do some actual speedwork to combat my slowness. I looked at a couple of Higdon's schedules today, and I think I'm going to make some modifications and follow one of his 1/2 marathon schedules. I'm not sure what's happening with the marathon relay, however. J hurt his knee a few weeks ago and hasn't been able to run. He was going to try to run tonight, and I'll find out tomorrow how it went. We have until May 1 to sign up before the price increases, and any entries received before May 10 will be accepted regardless of the cap. I think the speedwork (and having it laid out for me) will be beneficial no matter what happens with the half.

Today's workout was 6 x 400m, with 400m walking or jogging in between. I still haven't figured out the local track situation, so I headed over to the bike path along the river. I left the HRM at home, since I haven't calibrated the foot pod yet and wanted my distance to be more accurate. So I ran with my GPS for the first time since the marathon. It was a pretty decent workout; running on a track would've probably been better because it would've been flat and I think I would've rather had a defined start/finish line. I do kind of wonder what my heart rate was during the workout but I kind of enjoyed running without the chest strap.

treadmill | 3 miles | 30:01 | AHR 153 | 70% PE

Wednesday: high 50s/low 60s, upper teens for wind

1.05 mi WU | 10:05
0.25 mi | 1:41
0.25 mi | 2:33
0.25 mi | 1:35
0.26 mi | 2:36
0.25 mi | 1:35
0.25 mi | 2:34
0.25 mi | 1:36
0.25 mi | 2:37
0.25 mi | 1:36
0.25 mi | 2:33
0.25 mi | 1:31
0.14 mi walk | 2:39
1 mi CD | 9:32

EBT outside

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It was sunny and above freezing when I got home from work, so I decided to go outside. I figured I'd attach the foot pod to my shoe, and run a route I know the distance of to see if the pre-set calibration was any good. So I went out to run the 3 mile route that I ran tons of times over the summer.

Back again

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Didn't mean to let that many days go by. Here's what I've been up to:


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So today Hal called for mile repeats at 5K pace. The suggested structure for the workout was to run a warm-up, stretch, run 3x1 mile with walking recovery, and a cooldown. So that's what I did. I ran a mile for warm-up and then did my stretching routine. Then I started the repeats, walking 1/4 mile in between. The repeats weren't too bad, they were hard but not as hard as I'd built them up to be.

And that reminds me of something I was going to post about last week, but slacked instead. I was driving to the eye doctor (sidenote: I HATE our eye doctor's office, but they are the only place in town that our insurance will cover. I hate them so much I think I'm going to start getting my eyes checked by my old doctor back in IL because at least he was competent), and getting there means driving over some of the race course from the 10K I ran in October. So as I was driving along, I realized to PR, I'm going to have to run faster than 7:20/mi. I've also been thinking about how I'd like to PR at the 20K next month, which means running ~7:50/mi or faster. Somedays that seems really intimidating. Back in high school, I never put much thought into getting faster each year, as my naive self just assumed it was a given that I would be faster. Now I know it's not a given, and I've got to work for it. And I think I lost my train of thought here.

Anyway. My Buh-Bump arrived today, so I got to test that out. I smelled it before applying it, because I was curious about what I was about to slather myself with. I hate the smell of Body Glide, so I was glad that it smelled kind of decent. Interestingly enough, it kind of smelled like Baby Magic. I'm not sure I would've made that connection had Kathy not mentioned that as an alternative, but now I'm wondering if they are in fact the exact same thing. I'll have to take the B-B with me Target this weekend to compare. I don't think I can say enough good things about B-B. The electrodes stuck to me like glue today, and the strap didn't move around much at all. The most interesting thing, though, was that my heart rate was a lot lower during my warm-up today - I even ran for a bit at 6.1 MPH, which I haven't really done since starting EBT. So I don't know if I was just having a low heart rate day, or if maybe I was getting higher readings previously because the electrodes weren't as connected to my skin.

My repeats weren't done at exactly 5K pace. I thought I'd aim for around 7:00/mi, but my last 5K was an average of 6:57/mi. Actually, my "goal" pace would be somewhere in the 6:40s, but that's more of a late summer goal (and not really something I currently plan to spend much time working towards, as I think I'm focusing on slightly longer distances). I started the first one a little slower because I wanted to make sure my hip wasn't going to be owie, and then I got kind of distracted by my shoes. They felt tight enough during my warm-up, but apparently they weren't tight enough for hard running. I fixed that after the first repeat, and then they were okay for the rest of the workout. I thought the last repeat would've been faster than it was because I increased the pace several times in the second half, but that's okay. It was nice to end the actual workout portion on a good note. (My cooldown, on the other hand, was kind of crappy because I got a cramp so I cut it off at 1/2 mile. I did stretch really thoroughly afterwards, though).

WU: 1 mile | 10:06 | avg. HR 136 | 59% PE
1 mile | 7:12 | avg. HR 175 | 85% PE
walk 0.25 mile | 4:20 | avg. HR 120
1 mile | 7:07 | avg. HR 180 | 88% PE
walk 0.25 mile | 4:43 | avg. HR 123
1 mile | 6:56 | avg. HR 184 | 91% PE
walk 0.25 mile | 4:35 | avg. HR 127
CD: 0.50 miles | 5:17 | avg. HR 145 | 65% PE

I was looking at the local race calendar the other day, and here's what I'm looking at doing:

03.20: March Madness 1/2 Marathon (entered)
04.09: Fetzer 20K* (entry to be mailed soon)
05.14: Spring 15K*
05.29: Med City 1/2 (relay w/co-worker)
06.11: Aviary 10 mile* ?
06.21: All Comers Mile* ?
07.23: Women's 4 mile* (a definite entry)
07.30: Douglas Trail 11 mi* ?
08.06: Jessica Murray 5K (gotta defend the title ;) )
08.27: Holiday Inn 1/2*
09.15: Mayo XC*
10.09: Chicago Marathon ?
10.29: Spirit 10K*
11.05: Bear Creek 5 (the time prediction run)

Asterisked races are for track club Grand Prix points; I'd like to win my age group by more than 1 point this year, so I need to run more races in the series (I only earned points in 4 races last year). Looking at the list, it seems like a lot of races and yet not very many. Weird.