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I got nothing

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It's going to be a long 30 days if I don't come up with some topics to post about. I skipped running this morning again after I was up too late last night. Unrelated, but they are talking about possible snow this weekend. We had a couple of unseasonably warm days (70 degrees) but a cold front came through today and dropped it down into the 40s. I'm not looking forward to winter, especially the part where I'll have to get Little Miss in and out of the car when it's below zero and/or snowing. A very nice benefit of her being on the small side is that I'll still be able to use her infant car seat as a carrier so that I at least won't have to deal with buckling/unbuckling her in the cold. I got a cover (not a BundleMe, those are not approved by car seat techs) for her seat to help keep her warm. It's one of the funniest things, though, since only her head peeks out.

So much for that long run

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I will not be going for a run today.

Oh hi ....

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Wow, 2.5 months since my last post? I knew it had been awhile, but didn't realize it was that long! Obviously been a bit busy!

Racing ... ugh.

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The difference between a jogger and a runner is an entry blank. ~George Sheehan

So by George's definition I am making my return to the running world on Saturday. (By my definition, I never left: I loathe the term jogging). The Women's Race is this weekend, and while I don't feel anywhere near ready to run in a race, this is my favorite local race and the only one I have a streak for (if you count volunteering last year) anymore.


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I am so glad I listened to reason and did not enter the Twin Cities Marathon; this would've been week 1 of an 18 week training program and there is just no way I'm ready for that. I might enter the lottery for the 10 mile race because I think that might be possible, but a fall marathon is pretty much out of the question for this year.

Little Miss's New Ride

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On Tuesday, I got a call from REI that my BOB was in, 2 days early. I also got an e-mail notification, but it was only for the stroller and not the handlebar console I'd also ordered. I decided to take a chance and drive the hour to pick it up yesterday. I lucked out and they were unloading the console when I arrived. The BOB box was pretty huge:

Happy Mother's Day

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I celebrated my first Mother's Day by being a big ol' slacker. Little Miss and I slept past 9, and by the time I'd fed her and was ready to run it was almost 11:30. While it was sunny, it was chilly and windy (almost 40 MPH gusts) so I was going to treadmill. But I really didn't feel like getting back on the treadmill, and I did feel pretty tired running yesterday so I decided to take a day off. I can run tomorrow. I was thinking I needed a cut back week anyway.

Yesterday I ran 6 miles, for the first time since Jan 12 when I was 32 weeks pregnant. While I was feeling kind of tired, it was a lot more enjoyable than last time. Yesterday I ran 6.01 in 57 minutes (9:29/mi), almost 4 months ago it took 70:23 to run 6.03 (11:40). The weather was a lot better yesterday, too!