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Sunny Days

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We might finally be getting some spring weather here! Saturday was crappy, but Sunday turned out to be a really nice day and today it got up to 70! I went outside to run yesterday, and other than the wind it was a pretty good run:

58-62 degrees | From SW at 22 mph gusting to 28-30 mph
1 | 9:04
2 | 8:51 | 17:56
3 | 9:05 | 27:01
4 | 9:25 | 36:27
5 | 9:08 | 45:36
5.05 miles | 46:00 | 9:07/mi.
walk CD | 0.31 miles | 4:55

Motivation ... Gone

I think Minnesota has broken me.

Old Pictures

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Some pictures I was going to post after the trip to my parents.

Happy Birthday Molly!

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There is no running content to this post, it's all about my puppy who is now a whole 1 year old!


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Schedule called for another rest/XT day, so I opted to take Molly out walking. I've got a knot in the middle of my right quad, so walking felt pretty good. The area we went today isn't one I spend much training time in, because there is no shoulder on the road. I've been meaning to go and get some pictures of the hill from the 20K so that's where we went. The road section is behind one of the wooded bike path sections. (For those keeping track at home, this would be the westernmost section of bike path).

Marathon Day 1


First day of marathon training! So how did I mark this exciting day? I ... wait ... walked Molly! Woo! Like a lot of other people, my first day of training didn't have a run scheduled. My schedule gave me the option of resting or cross-training. I chose XT; the elliptical probably would've been the better choice for cardio, but walking Molly is usually more fun. Plus, it gave me a chance to take some more pictures! (This time I'm using thumbnails so hopefully this won't be as slow as last time).

Let's see what "extended entry" does.


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I took Molly over to the lake, and this time I remembered to not only bring the camera, but the battery and flash card. We parked up by the firestation and then walked towards downtown. Some of my pictures are a little blurry because I didn't stop to take them.