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Thoughts that ran through my head this morning:
"I can't believe I paid money to feel like crap"
"OK, I gave birth - I can suck it up and run for 10 more minutes"
"It sucks that I have to work this hard to run this slow"

Racing ... ugh.

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The difference between a jogger and a runner is an entry blank. ~George Sheehan

So by George's definition I am making my return to the running world on Saturday. (By my definition, I never left: I loathe the term jogging). The Women's Race is this weekend, and while I don't feel anywhere near ready to run in a race, this is my favorite local race and the only one I have a streak for (if you count volunteering last year) anymore.


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I'm getting back on track with running, although it's a little more challenging to get my runs in during the week. On the weekends, Little Miss can hang out with the Engineer, but unless I want to wait for him to come home from work I have to try and fit my runs during the week in while she naps. I got in almost 18 miles last week, and am hoping to run 18-19 this week, hopefully with a 5 mile "long run."


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They posted the results from Saturday's race and I didn't do that bad! I was 40 seconds off, and I placed 13th. As a comparison, when I raced three years ago I was 14th place and 19 seconds off. Considering that I stopped and stretched a few times, 40 seconds isn't that bad. I'd built in a 30 second cushion, but didn't end up starting at my original guess so the cushion got eliminated (the clock inside that told you when to go outside was different from the outside, official timer so when I got to the start line my time had already gone by so I had to start at a faster finish time than expected. That probably made no sense to anyone that wasn't there). Anyway, maybe if I'd started at the time I wanted I would have been close.

I got up this morning to run, but ended up just using the elliptical. I didn't go to bed as early as I should have, so I was a little on the tired side. I woke up fairly quickly, but my stomach was kind of grumpy this morning. I probably would've used the elliptical tomorrow, so I just did it today.

So I mentioned that it's gotten kind of cold here. Yesterday it was in the 30s but it was super windy so it felt colder. So of course, as I'm leaving work the check tire warning light came on - one of my tires was at 25psi when it's supposed to be 32 or 33. I hadn't counted on it being so cold, so I hadn't worn a coat - just a zip-up sweatshirt. And while I normally keep a pair of gloves in the car, I didn't have any. Trying to add air to a tire when your hands are cold is not very fun - and I managed to drop the cap 3 times. I got a lot smarter today and pulled out my winter coat. I think I might be able to wear it for at least a few more weeks, which is a relief. I'm going to be sad when I have to resort to the Engineer's not-as-warm coat.

In other excitement, I think my belly has finally popped over the last week. I've felt like it hasn't been very obvious that I'm pregnant when I'm clothed, but today it was. When we were at the baby furniture store on Saturday, I was the least pregnant-looking woman there. It was kind of funny, because the parents have made us feel like we are such huge slackers for not doing any shopping before now ... but then we go to the store and there were tons of more-pregnant women than me picking out cribs. So obviously we aren't that far behind. (Disclaimer: I really don't see anything wrong with the Engineer and my time frame for doing stuff).


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Real quick, as the Illinois game is about to start.

I ran the race this morning. Time prediction races are hard since when people start catching you, it's hard to tell if that means you are running too slow or if they are running too fast. (This race starts the clock at 70 minutes and then counts down, with runners starting at their predicted finish time. The goal is to get as close to zero without going too fast). I ended up running with the eventual winner for awhile, and it appears I should've tried to stick with her if I'd wanted to place. But I've been having what I think are round ligament pains while running, so going any faster didn't seem like a great idea. Results haven't been posted yet, but I was probably about a minute off so I should've started earlier than I did. Oh well. Kind of a chilly morning - it was 30 degrees when I left the house.

We ordered our crib today, but couldn't decide on a glider rocker chair. I had the bad idea to check out the Gap Maternity store at the Mall of America on our way back home, hoping to find some stuff on clearance. First, I always forget how much MOA sucks. Next, the Gap store there has a very pitiful maternity section, with an even worse clearance section. Total waste of time!

Race Report: 2006 Chicago Marathon


I wrote this the week following the race.

Back from Chicago


We're back, and I have a ton of catching up to do. Can't wait to read everyone else's reports ...