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Tap, tap ...

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is this thing on?

This is the longest I've been silent on my blog and probably not coincidentally, 2009 has been the worst year in my post-college running "career."

I present some numbers:
Jan: 73.13 miles (8 months pregnant)
Feb: 58.50 miles (9 months pregnant)
Mar: 25 miles (gave birth middle of the month, took 2 wks off)
Apr: 60.33 miles
May: 86.53 miles
Jun: 60.75 miles
Jul: 87.44 miles
Aug: 113.43 miles
Sep: 76.84 miles
Oct: 104.88 miles
Nov: 69.23 miles

Jan: 22.76 miles
Feb: 3.51 miles
Mar: 11.30 miles
Apr: 18.09 miles
May: 36.58 miles
Jun: 24.38 miles
Jul: 37.42 miles
Aug: 24.24
Sep: 45.89 miles MTD

That's really fucking depressing to look at.

And just like that ...

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I'm out of NaBloPoMo. I meant to post yesterday but didn't. I was smart and actually went for bed after Little Miss went to sleep last night so I actually got a full night's sleep last night. I'm usually pretty dumb on the weekend and dick around on the internet after she goes to bed; Little Miss wakes up about the same time on weekends as weekdays so if I stay up late I don't get as much sleep as I should.

Winter has arrived in Minnesota. We had enough snow to coat the grass yesterday morning, although it melted by yesterday afternoon. This morning, it was 30-something with a 20-something windchill and close to 30 MPH winds. I would have put off my longer run until tomorrow except that it's supposed to be at least 10 degrees colder. I got in 9 miles this morning. I would've liked to get in 10, but I was just so tired with that wind. I hit 8 miles and turned into the wind full-on and it sucked so I decided 9 would be good enough.

Oh hi ....

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Wow, 2.5 months since my last post? I knew it had been awhile, but didn't realize it was that long! Obviously been a bit busy!


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I feel awesome this morning:
1 | 8:47
2 | 8:45 | 17:32
3 | 8:44 | 26:17
4 | 9:02 | 35:20 (all uphill)
5 | 9:01 | 44:22
6 | 8:57 | 53:19
7 | 9:11 | 62:31 (overpass + starting to get tired)
8 | 9:07 | 71:38
9 | 9:09 | 80:48
10 | 8:52 | 89:40
10.03 miles with Little Miss/BOB | 90:00 | 8:58/mi.

Not bad for pushing a 14lb 15oz 5-month old!

What a Week

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I am so glad this week is over.

On a roll

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Had a pretty decent run this morning, with some being run below 9 mpm. I think I probably could've done the whole run under 9, but I had Molly with me. Molly is ridiculous sometimes. She gets super excited when she hears the Garmin turn on (even if I'm just turning it on to download my runs or to look at splits). She knows my running clothes - if I dare go out the front door in my running clothes without her in the morning, she barks and wakes up the Engineer. When I first got my BOB, Molly howled and cried and whined that I was not only going running without her, but I was taking Little Miss. We'd be outside, either getting settled in the stroller or just getting back from running, and we could hear the sad pup.

Two in a row?

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First, I have managed to screw up my blog template so things look really weird here. I guess that's what happens when you just start messing around with things without first figuring out what they are and how they work. Good thing I was at least smart enough to backup my template so I can reverse my changes if I can't make them work.