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2007 Review

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Same questions as 2003, 2004 and 2006:

2006 in review, Part 2

By the numbers:
Running: 221:00:42 | 1465.69 miles | 9:03/mi.
Walking: 43:40:57 | 177.84 miles | 14:44/mi.
Elliptical: 12:53:00 | 52.43 miles
Weight lifting: 28:54:00
Total activity: 306:28:39

2006 in review, Part 1

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1. How many miles/kilometres did you run this year?

1465.69 miles (missing a PR by 0.39 miles)

2. What were your highest and lowest mileage weeks?

H: 57.52 miles
L: 2 miles

3. What was your longest run?

In training, my longest run was 22 miles.

4. How many (if at all) races did you enter?

1 x 1 mile (6:19)
1 x 5K (20:42)
1 x 3 mile (20:22)
1 x 4 mile (27:37)
1 x 5 mile (35:30)
2 x 10K (43:29, 43:27)
1 x 15K (1:11:24)
1 x 10 mile trail (1:36:55)
1 x 20K (1:36:12)
1 x 1/2 marathon (1:36:12)
1 x marathon (3:36:10)

5. What were your best and worst race performances?

Well, I PR'd in every race I ran this year so it's hard to pick a "worst." I guess in some ways I'd say Chicago was my worst performance, as I didn't stay mentally strong and let myself break down towards the end. But actually, the 15K in May is probably the race where I most under-performed (only averaging 4 seconds/mile faster than I'd run for 20K a month before).

I think the race I'm most proud of is the 1/2 marathon. Aside from the last 2 miles, I think I ran it pretty smartly and am still very pleased with my time.

6. Do you have a favorite, memorable run that you did this year?

Not a single run, no. Running with Molly has been pretty memorable, although not always in a good way!

7. What was the craziest weather you endured while running?

Running mid-week 10 and 12 mile runs in heat indexes approaching 90 degrees sucked. I didn't enjoy the hypothermia I endured last spring running in the rain. And the negative windchills of earlier this month sucked, too. Oh, but I think trying to run mile repeats in 30+ MPH gusts was the worst.

8. What were your goals for 2006? Did you achieve them?

I didn't make any goals at the start of the year, other than getting back into shape. I kind of set some goals throughout the year:
- PR at 5K (<20:43)
- PR at 10K (<45:32, maybe high 43s)
- PR at 1/2 marathon (7:30/mi)
- PR at marathon (A: 3:25, B: 3:30, C: <3:40:59)

I met every goal, except for marathon goals A and B.

9. What are your goals for 2007?

Since my main goal is to spend a good portion of the year pregnant, it's hard to make specific running goals, so:
1. Try to avoid injury.
2. Run every race to the best of my ability.
3. Try to be less hard on myself.
4. Run 1000 miles or more.

10. What was the best race t-shirt from 2006?
I absolutely love the shirt from Stride for Fitness. It's a raspberry color with blue accents, and I wear it all the time.

While going through some files on my computer, I found the year end post I made on rec.running last year. I had been trying to find places where I'd posted my goals for 2004, but the 2 other forums I know I posted health and fitness goals have had those posts purged.

I thought I'd use the same questions for 2004 (some are a repeat for what I already posted):

2004 Report, Part 1

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1465.97 miles*
9 days 5 hours, 39 minutes, 10 seconds
9:04/mi average

Highest Week: 44.01 miles, April 19 - 25
Lowest Week: 6.10 miles**, June 28 - July 4
Highest Month: 172.19 miles, April
Lowest Month: 67 miles, June

Average Weekly Mileage: 28.04
Average Monthly Mileage: 121.83

9 Races
69.45 miles | 9:53:52 | 8:33/mi. average***
1 new age group PR (5K)
1 new PR (10K)
6 age group awards
2 overall awards

*yearly mileage PR
**first year with a non-zero week
***7:28/mi without the marathon PW